Friday 20. June 2014

University Festival at Hrafnseyri

On June 17, Iceland's National Day, the University Centre of the Westfjords celebrated a University Festival at Hrafnseyri in Arnarfjörður. This is the fifth time that the University Centre celebrates on this day the graduation of its master's students in Coastal and Marine Management.

Sixteen students graduated from the Coastal and Marine Management master's program and one student graduated from a distance learning program of media studies from the University of Akureyri. Thirteen CMM graduate students attended the ceremony in addition to one student from last year. It must be said that this is a good recovery when taken into account that students have spread all over the world after finishing their studies in Ísafjörður.

Chelsea Boaler and Râna Campbell, graduating students from the CMM program, spoke on behalf of the master's students, and Râna gave a part of her speach in Icelandic. Áslaug Agnarsdóttir spoke on behalf of CMM instructors and UW director Peter Weiss and Stefán B. Sigurðsson, rector of university of Akureyri, also gave speeches.

The formal graduation of the students was on June 14 in Akureyri but since the rector of the University of Akureyri participated in the event on Hrafnseyri he also brought with him the diplomas for all graduation students. This was actually the second last act in office given by Stefán B. Sigurðsson as rector, as there will be a new rector of UNAK from July 1. His last act in office was welcoming the princess of Sweden on her official visit to UNAK later during the week.

The University Festival at Hrafnseyri has become an important part of the University Centre's academic year and will no doubt continue as such in the future. The University Centre extends its warm congratulations to all the graduating students.