Tuesday 3. June 2014

Trainee visit from GÍ

These days 10th grade students from Ísafjörður elementary school (GÍ) are visiting various companies and institutions in the area to get to know different fields of work. Today one such trainee, Ingunn Rós Kristjánsdóttir, visited the University Centre and got an insight into what goes on within UW.

Ingunn Rós followed and participated in preparations for the Icelandic Courses in August, the NAFA film festival that begins tomorrow, and the SIT field school that arrives later this summer. A classmate of Ingunn, Hafdís Haraldsdóttir, was also visiting the building today at the Marine Research Institution. Hafdís went early this morning with Hafró to Bolungarvík to sample and work on samples from fishing boats.

“The visit has been fun and interesting. All the staff members and students have been very friendly and welcoming and this has been a very exciting day” said Ingunn at the end of the visit and added that she could easily envision herself working at a workplace such as the University Centre in the future.

The company visits and trainee programs for the 10th graders are a great opportunity for the students to learn about different work fields from firsthand experience. And who knows, the classmates Ingunn and Hafdís may very well have found their future occupations today!