Wednesday 1. July 2009

Tracking Icelandic Cod with Electronic Data Storage Tags - open lecture

Friday July 3, Dr. Bruce McAdam will give a lecture  which he calls Tracking Icelandic Cod with Electronic Data Storage Tags.

The Marine Research Insititute has a long term project tagging cod with data storage tags that continuously record the depth and temperature a fish until it is caught and the tag recovered. This has resulted in a data set of hundreds of fish, many with several years of data recorded every few minutes. We combine this data with the output of the CODE oceanographic model in order to estimate where the fish is on each day between tagging and recovery, and in order to estimate the routes taken during annual migration.


Other work on the Icelandic cod will be discussed as well. For example the work carried out by the MARICE group, at the University of Iceland, on investigations into morpholigical difference between groups of cod. See:


Bruce McAdam is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Iceland producing computer models relating to the Icelandic cod stock. After qualifying with a PhD in computer science, he worked for two years as a computer science lecturer before completing a masters degree in ecology with a project on birds and windfarms. Before moving to Iceland he then worked on the EU UNCOVER project about managing fish stocks to promote recovery.


The lecture will be held at the University Centre starting at noon.

Dr. Bruce McAdam
Dr. Bruce McAdam