Thursday 1. November 2012

The use of iPad in Education

In this Fridays Lunch Lecture will Svavar Þór Guðmundsson present the result of his master thesis. His thesis dealt with the development of computer use in Icelandic schools, a bit about the situation today and the possibility that the coming of the iPad has created for teaching and learning, both technical and pedagogical.

Svavar Þór Guðmundsson is a computer administrator with the district hospital in Ísafjörður. He graduated with a BA degree in history from the University of Iceland in 1997, Educational studies to acquire certification to teach from the University of Akureyri in 2000 and a masters degree from the University of Manchester in 2012.

Lunch Lecture is open for the public, it starts at 12:10 in the University Centre cafeteria. The talk will be in Icelandic.

Svavar Þór Guðmundsson
Svavar Þór Guðmundsson