Thursday 30. October 2008

The priest Páll Björnsson in Selárdalur

In the next Lunch Lecture the historian Gunnar Marel Hinriksson will talk about the sixteenth century priest Páll Björnsson who lived in Selárdalur in Arnarfjörður. Páll is best known for his persecutions during the witchcraft age in the Westfjords, but in his talk Gunnar Marel will focus on other aspects of his life and work with emphasis on his education and scholarship.

The lecture is in Icelandic and starts at 12.10, it is open to everyone. Further information available on our Icelandic website.

The Lunch lectures are an informal venue for presenting research that is ongoing or completed. The presentations take around 20-30 minutes and after that discussions are welcome. The lectures take place in the cafeteria of the University Centre and is open to all.