Tuesday 24. June 2014

The first field school group has arrived

[mynd 1 h]Last Friday the University Centre welcomed this summer´s first field school group, a group coming here on behalf of the SIT, School for International Traning, which is located in Vermont, USA. These 29 students will spend the next three weeks in the Westfjords as part of a study programme, Iceland: Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics.

This seven-week long programme teaches about energy technology and sustainability, but students also get language instruction. To give them good insights into the culture of Iceland and daily life in a family, homestays are offered in the Ísafjörður area.

[mynd 2 h]The students have busy days ahead of them with lectures, field trips within the field of energy and sustainability and excursions. Excursions will take them to the remote village Hesteyri in the Hornstrandir nature reserve and students will also visit the whereabouts of Gisli the Outlaw, an early Westfjord resident, whose saga is one of the most wellknown sagas of Icelanders.

Programme Director this summer is Astrid Fehling, former student of the Master´s programme in Coastal and Marine Management and now one of our instructors. Astrid will be assisted by Fríða Óskarsdóttir and Guðrún Lilja Kristinsdóttir.

The Centre is happy to welcome this eighth SIT student group, hoping that their stay will be both knowledgable and leave nice memories behind.