Thursday 12. February 2009

The Westfjords Tourist Bureau

Friday´s lunch lecture, February 13, will be given by Jón Páll Hreinsson, manager of Markaðsstofu Vestfjarða, The Westfjords Tourist Bureau, who will speak about their goals and mission. Markaðsstofu Vestfjarða, is a non- profit organisation owned by the municipalities in the Westfjords, along with Atvinnuþróunarfélagi Vestfjarða and Ferðamálasamtökum Vestfjarða.


The goals of the Tourist Bureau are to provide information about the life, nature and society in the Westfjords to both foreign and national tourists, so that they can fully enjoy their time here. Their mission is also to increase overall awareness of both the Westfjords and Iceland.


The lunch lecture is in Icelandic and will take place at the University Centre, beginning at 12:10 in the caffeteria - all are welcome.