Wednesday 29. August 2012

The Love of Iceland in America

Although the fall season of Lunch Lectures has not quite begun, there will be a Lunch Lecture this Friday, August 31st. There,Sunna Pam Olafson-Furstenau from Mountain in North Dakota in the United States will give the lecture "The Love of Iceland in America" , but she now travels around the country on behalf of the Icelandic National League of Iceland in North America.

,,My story tells the people of Iceland that our ancestors did not forget their homeland or the people and we honor our Icelandic heritage and the country of Iceland. I weave a personal story of my ancestors into the presentation and it can be very emotional."
The 500 photos and 40-minute presentation brings the stories of the Icelanders in America to life in this interesting and dynamic show.

Sunna Pamela Olafson-Furstenau was born in North-Dakota and has lived there all her life. Her family on her father‘s side comes from Iceland and on her mother‘s side from Ireland, Scotland and Norway. Sunna is a nurse by training, but works on Icelandic issues as a volunteer. She is the second vice-president of the Icelandic National League of North America and is on the Board of Icelandic National League of Iceland as the USA representative. She also does genealogy research and other activites related to Iceland.

Lunch Lecture starts at 12:10, in the University Centre Caffeteria and is open for public. The talk will be in English.

Sunna Pamela Olafson-Furstenau
Sunna Pamela Olafson-Furstenau