Monday 7. May 2012

The Importance of Cooperation and Networking for a Remote Institute

National and international cooperation and networking is an important task for a remote institute like the University Centre in the Westfjords. 


Recently, Dagný Arnarsdóttir, the CMM master's program director, attended a workshop in Oslo held by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The workshop took place at the premises of the Norwegian Ministry for the Environment at Akershus fortress in Oslo. Three other representatives from Iceland attended the workshop: Hafdís Hafliðadóttir and Sigmar Örn Steingrimsson from the Planning Agency, and Matthildur K. Elmarsdóttir, planning consultant, Alta. The aim of the workshop was to identify specifically Nordic issues, themes and values ​​that should be a guiding light in policies in the field of maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the North.


The director of teaching and education at the University Centre, Kristín Ósk Jónasdóttir, was also on the move. She took part in the Aqua-Tnet workshop in Arberdeen, Scotland. The workshop was held at the headquarters of the Scottish marine research institute, and the aim was to continue working on ways to promote and assess the continuing education of workers in aquaculture and fisheries - and particularly on the promotion of EC-VET system. Kristín, who was the only Icelandic representative, worked with participants from many other European countries.

The Icelandic delegation in Oslo
The Icelandic delegation in Oslo