Wednesday 18. January 2012

The EU-Norway mackerel allocation conflict with Iceland and the Faeroe Islands in the light of the Law of the Sea

Additional Lunch Lecture on Thursday with Peter Ørebech: While dwelling in Ísafjörður for teaching a course on the Law of the Sea at the University Centre of the Westfjords, Peter Ørebech, professor at the Tromsø University-based Norwegian College of Fisheries Sciences will give a talk in an extra- lunch lecture on Thursday, 19.01.2012.

The topic is not less than the mackerel allocation conflict between Iceland and the Faroe Islands on the one hand and Norway and the EU on the other hand.

Peter Ørebech is leading the NFH-research group in value chain analysis, but his research interests include also Fisheries Law, European Union law, law of the sea as well as history of the law. Peter Ørebech knows Ísafjörður mostly through former students who have taken courses in Tromsø, but experiences now teaching in Ísafjörður in an international group.

Thursday, 19.01.2012, 12-13
The lecture is open and will be given in English.