Thursday 12. March 2015

Ten Year since the UW was established

On this day, March 12, ten years ago the inaugural meeting of the non-profit organization the University Centre of the Westfjords was held in the building that now houses UW. The founding members were 42 a compilation of universities, research institutes, municipalities and companies that are focused on education and development in a wide sense. The operations of UW began less than a year later when the building had been renovated. Before that the director of UW, Peter Weiss, had already began work in August 2005.

In these ten years the University Centre has developed a great deal. From the very beginning services to distance learning students has been the main role of UW but in later years the international master’s program in Coastal and Marine Management has been the backbone of UW.

The founding of the University Centre meant a great deal to other institutions located in the Vestrahús building since this community of research, development and educational institutions became larger and more robust. The building also houses the Westfjords Life Long Learning Centre and the University Centre benefits from cooperation with it as well as other institutions and companies in the building.

Five years ago UW published a report on the operations from 2005-2010 which is available on the website. This coming spring the plan is to publish a similar report where we will look back the past ten years on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary.

Also it is to be expected that the annual meeting this year will be held in a larger scale than usually. The meeting is scheduled to be held on 22.05.2015.

A photo taken on the inaugural meeting in 2005. Photo:
A photo taken on the inaugural meeting in 2005. Photo: