Friday 22. December 2017

Sustainability of Coastal Tourism: Alumni Publication in Regions Magazine

Coastal and Marine Management alumna Anika Truter, who graduated May 2017, has published the results of her thesis on Reynisfjara Beach in Regions Magazine published by the Regional Studies Association in a special issue entitled “Sustainability Transitions in the Coastal Zone.” The article outlines the major findings from her thesis regarding the sustainability of tourism in relation to safety issues on Reynisfjara Beach, which is a popular black sand beach in south Iceland that can be hazardous due to sneaker waves. The research analysed the best management tools available to ensure visitor safety and also recommended a governance structure for a streamlined decision-making process of the varied stakeholder groups with an interest in Reynisfjara. Anika was co-advised by CMM program director Dr. Catherine Chambers and long-time CMM visiting faculty Jamie Alley.

The article is accessible on the Regions Magazine webpage and Anika’s full thesis can be accessed at Skemman.

Anika and her co-authors.
Anika and her co-authors.
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