Wednesday 22. March 2017

Students learn about aquaculture on site

“I did not realize the scale of this” said Katrina Lang from Estonia, one of the participants on the University Centre’s field course on Innovation in Aquaculture after a visit to the hatchery of Arctic Fish in the innermost Tálknafjörður. The aquaculture branch’s volume and the massive investments were something that “you have to see it to believe” to quote another participant.

Students come from University Centre of the Westfjords programs in Coastal Management and Marine Innovation. This year the course also has an extraordinary high number of participants coming from partner schools, mainly the agricultural colleges in the Baltic Countries and Novia University of applied sciences in Finland. These students are very interested in recirculation systems, biofilters and technical solutions. 

“The amount of fish, feed and feces is amazing. This is really a big undertaking” said Verena Sandow from Schleswig-Holstein. Special attention was given to the fact that Örn Smárason, who led the group through the building, and answered questions, was very aware of the possible future value of the sludge, as this is in fact fertilizer that can be used instead of going to waist. 

Earlier the day Valgeir Ægir Ingólfsson had given an introduction to the development of the aquaculture branch and its importance for the Westfjords, and specially for the southerly Westfjords. 

During the next days the students will visit Arnarlax that receives the students both in its facilities in Gileyri, in the fish pens in Arnarfjord as well as in the slaughtering and processing facilities. The southerly Westfjords are extraordinary place as here it is possible to see all the process, from eggs and smolt to the slaughtering and processing in one place. 


The group of participants on the Innovation in Aquaculture field course.
The group of participants on the Innovation in Aquaculture field course.