Wednesday 28. January 2009

Shores and Storms: Coastlines in Atlantic Canada

Professor Norm R. Catto will be our guest Friday the 30th of January during the next Lunch lecture. Professor Catto currently teaches a course on climate changes and policy at the masters program in coastal and marine management at the University Centre.


Coastlines in Atlantic Canada are subject to numerous storm events, rising sea level, and human activities. Shorelines are dynamic and change rapidly in form and sediment texture, in response to all these stresses. Changes impact not only the landscape, but also human use of the coastlines, including infrastructure maintenance, housing development, tourism, and capelin harvesting (among others). Ongoing study allows us to understand the linkages among factors causing changes in the beach systems.


The talk will start at 12.10 in the University Centre's cafeteria and is open to the public. The talk will be given in English.

Proessor Norm R. Catto.
Proessor Norm R. Catto.