Thursday 27. November 2014

Sea ice and sea ice-ocean interactions in a changing Arctic

In the last Lunch Lecture this year, November 28, Angelika Renner, a current teacher in the Coastal- and Marine Management program, will talk about sea ice and the declining of sea ice in the Arctic.


Over the past 30 years, we have seen a decline of the Arctic sea ice cover happening at a rate unprecedented in the last ~1500 years. This decline is most notable and most easily observed in sea ice extent thanks to pan-Arctic satellite observations. In the talk she will present some work on a property of sea ice that is less well and less easily observed: sea ice thickness. In particular, she will show results from measurements in the European Arctic. As the thickness of ice strongly influences heat transfer through the ice she will go on and look at the effects of sea ice on the ocean-ice-atmosphere energy budget as observed during melting conditions in summer 2012.


Angelika Renner holds a Phd degree in physical oceanography from the School of Environmental Sciences, UEA, Norwich, UK and British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.

Lunch Lecture is open for the public, it starts at 12:10 at the University Centre cafeteria. The talk will be in English