Monday 5. July 2010

SIT students visit the University Centre

A group of students from the School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont, USA now visits the University Centre. It is the fourth year in a row that the Centre welcomes a group from this school. The students will spend approximately two weeks in the Westfjords and their stay is part of an almost summer-long course, Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics in Iceland, which takes place at the School for Renewable Energy Science (RES) in Akueyri, in Reykjavik and here in the Westfjords. Responsible for the course and Academic Director is Caitlin Wilson-Brötzmann MSc, and Þórður Guðmundsson, master student of Environment and Natural Resources Studies at the Univeristy of Iceland is her assistant.

The students will get an introduction to the activities of the Westfjord Power Company and there will also be a other lectures as well as field trips in connection with their studies. They will also get an introduction the history and the culture of the region, in the form of lectures, hikes as well as a play.

Each student is required to complete an individudal research assignment, and the end of the group´s stay, on July 14, there will be an open lecture where the students will present their findings. The exact time for this lecture will be announced later.

The 2010 SIT student group.
The 2010 SIT student group.