Wednesday 23. January 2013

Prolonging the life of Fresh Fish Fillet for export

In this Fridays Lunsh Lecture will Gunnar Þórðarson, manager at Matís in Ísafjordur discuss a project wich Matis worked at with the fish factorys Íslandssaga ehf and Oddi ehf in developing a new packaging of fresh fish. It was worked in collaboration with Promens and Sæmark. The aim of the project was to design packaging that prolong the life of fresh fillet pieces for export.

Results of the project are that you can prolong the freshness up to three days, wich gives opportunitys to go into new markets. The methold also provides the possibility of packaging into consumer markets. Such increases the possibilitys to direct transactions with retail and restaurant chains that often pay the highest price, as they make highest requirements for quality.

Gunnar Þórðarson is a business administrator. He obtained his masters degree from the University of Bifröst in 2008.

Vísindaport starts at 12:10 in the cafeteria of the University Centre. Everyone is welcome. The talk will be in Icelandic.

Gunnar Þórðarson, manager at Matís in Ísafjörður
Gunnar Þórðarson, manager at Matís in Ísafjörður