Thursday 12. August 2010

Population of Þingeyri tripled on Wednesday

The streets of the small fishing village of Þingeyri  were buzzing, as a group of hundred stundents attending the University Center‘s Icelandic courses visited the town yesterday.

To start their visit, the international group was first guided through the towns reconstructed viking farm and the fishing factory by Þórhallur Arason, who works as an consultant  in the fishing industry and is a member of the local Viking association. „My familiy is from the area, but when I first came here because of my job,  I wouldn‘t have thought that I‘d come to live here. But then I fell in love with the town and it‘s people and decided to move here. So if you want to stay, just talk to me!" he invited the students.


And after some delicious Belgian waffles at Simbahöllin Café, a stroll around town and a trip on the Vikingship with Valdimar Elíasson, some students seriously considered his offer. „I‘d really like to spend some more time in Þingeyri, maybe work here for a summer",said  Anna-Maria Wolke from Germany, who is going to study music at Listaháskóla Íslands this winter.

But before that, she and the other students still have some studying ahead of them. The remaining one and a half weeks of the course are packed with language teaching, electives and more trips around the area.

Sailing on a Viking ship
Sailing on a Viking ship