Thursday 26. January 2012

Overview of upcoming master's thesis presentations at UW

These days (January 23 to February 13, 2012) are largely devoted to the first round of master‘s thesis presentations at the Coastal and Marine Management program. Eight students are currently being evaluated for their work on their 45 ECTS master's thesis.


The topics are diverse, and we encourage those who can to attend. Overview of seven scheduled presentations can be found below.


More information about the contents of each presentation will be posted in the coming days.



Name and title of thesis Reader Advisor
23/1/12 15:00 GMT Benjamin Dippo Microplastics in the Coastal Environment of West Iceland Dr. Helgi Jensson Dr. Jörundur Svavarsson
30/1/12 16.00 GMT Lauma Gulbe Underutilized Military Heritage Sites at the West Coast of Latvia: Feasibility Study for Creating a New Tourism Attraction Dr. Gavin Lucas   Dr. Marc L. Miller
31/1/12 14.00 GMT Dafna Israel Can Artificial Reefs Reduce the Accumulation of Feeding Remains? Theódór Kristjansson Dr. Dror Angel
1/2/12 14.00 GMT   Sara Martin An Assessment of Unregulated Whale Watching Activities on Skjálfandi Bay, Iceland. Gísli Víkingsson, cand. Scient,   Brad Barr, PhD candidate
1/2/12 16.00 GMT Vilma Inkeri Kulliala Wilderness and Human Influence in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Dr. Þorvarður Árnason, Brad Barr, PhD candidate
2/2/12 16.00 GMT   Liene Tiesnese Local effects of small port expansion and consequent changes in port-town relationship. The case of Salacgriva, Latvia Salvör Jónsdóttir Dr. Miaojia Liu
13/2/12 16.00 GMT William Davies Applying a Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) to the Westfjords, Iceland: a preliminary assessment Dr. Patricia Manuel   Dr. Mike Phillips


Picture taken at an open lecture given in December 2011
Picture taken at an open lecture given in December 2011