Wednesday 9. May 2012

Open Lectures on Resource Economics and Policy

Gabriela Sabau.
Gabriela Sabau.
This rather extensive course comes to an end this week, and therefore students will present their final projects for the course tomorrow on Thursday May 10. The presentations are open to all. They begin at 9:00 in the morning and end at 16:00 with lunch break between 12:00 and 13:00.

Afra Skene: "Marine renewable industry development in Scotland"
Andrew Wallace Osmond: "Aquaculture management: Dealing with nuisance animals"
Annabel Schuhn: "Overfishing in the ecosystem kelp forest in the Gulf of Maine"
Anna-Theresa Kienitz: "Will climate change and eutrophication lead to an increase in harmful algal bloom development?"

Cailan Eskra Murray: "Introduction and transfer policy for aquatic organisms. Comparison between Canada and New Zealand"
Caroline Coch: "Management of cruise tourism in Arctic Canada"
Daniel Metzger: "Should Iceland Invest in Offshore Non-Renewables?"
Graham Gaines: "Policy recommendations for cod ranching"

Hildur Sólveig Elvarsdóttir: "Greenland's oil spill policy for offshore oil drilling"
Iona Katrine Flett: "Measuring the effectiveness of foreign aid aimed at marine and coastal conservation"
Clasina Jansen: "The impacts of climate change on Iceland's fisheries-a new catastrophic threat?"
Maik Brotzmann: "How prepared is Iceland for the forecasted increase in maritime traffic. Analysis of current policy strategies and availabilities"

Marla Joan Koberstein: "Invasive species policy: A comparison between the USA and Iceland"
Megan Pier Windsor Cotton: "Oregon Marine Reserve Network. Successful community engagement and public participation"
Natalie Chaylt: "The consumptive vs. non consumptive use of whales as a natural resource in Iceland"
Nora Jacobi: "Socio-Economic and Ecological Valuation of Natural Ecosystems: Mangrove Forests in Southern Thailand"

Qing Ge: "Whaling in Japan"
Raissa Borgmann: "Management of shrimp farming in Vietnam"
Rikab Rajudeen: "A comparative analysis of Monkfish fishery management in Northeast USA and Namibia"
Sarah Jane Kennedy: "An evaluation of the Newfoundland and Labrador recreational ground fish fishery: Is it too soon?"
Scott Harper: "Nutrient management in the Philippines"