Tuesday 29. March 2011

Open House in the Vestrahús Building

On Friday April 1 between 3 and 6 pm the institutions and companies of the Vestrahús building open its doors to the public. Guests will be offered to learn about the different tasks and projects that institutions and companies are working on, and enjoy some snacks here and there around the building.

In addition to the University Centre, the Vestrahús building houses a number of research and servicing institutions, for example the Marine Research Institution, The Westfjords Regional Development Agency, The Icelandic Meteorological Offices Avalanche Research Centre, just to mention three.

Here are a few examples of things to see on Friday:

  • In the Marine Research Institutions garage guests can see a submarine, underwater cameras, and different fish species that are the subject of their research
  • Kerecis offers guests to try out lotions that the company is developing from fish products
  • The Avalanche Research Centre shows films and photos from their research