Wednesday 1. July 2009

Oil and gas deposits in the ocean floor - open lecture July 3

On Friday, July 3, Guðni A. Jóhannesson, Director General of the National Energy Authority, and Þórarinn Sveinn Arnarsson, specialist, will present the operations of the National Energy Authority and will specifically discuss issues of oil and gas deposits in the ocean floor.

Dr. Jóhannesson´s lecture will trace the primary responsibilities of the work at the National Energy Authority and managerial tasks that they are connected to and give an overview of possible alternative energy. Mr. Arnarson´s lecture will discuss some preconditions and preparations for oil exploration in the Dreki area, geology and data in support of the idea of a harvestable carbonate zone, the work process, administration, environmental affairs and what the future will look like if drilling in this area begins. In conclusion, they will discuss alternative energy systems to fishing villages.

Guðni Jóhannesson is a physicist and completed his doctorate in structural physics from the University of Lund (LTH), Sweden, in 1981. He was a researcher and instructor at LTH until 1982, and worked as a consultant in Iceland until 1990 when he became a professor of energy management and construction at the Royal School of Engineering in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Jóhannesson was appointed to energy affairs at the beginning of 2008. His scientific work principally focuses on conservation of energy and energy utilization in inhabited areas.

Þórarinn Sveinn Arnarson, Ph.D, received his doctorate from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA in 2004. His dissertation discussed conservation biology and preservation of sediment on the ocean floor. He completed his postdoctoral work at the University of Washington, and in 2006 he began working with the Marine Research Institute where he researched the flow of carbon dioxide fluxes in Icelandic ocean waters. Since the beginning of 2008, Dr. Arnarson has been working at the National Energy Authority, responsible for the preparation h and processing of oil and gas in Iceland.

The lecture starts at 9am and is open to the public. it is held in connection with the course Introduction to Marine Technology, which is an elective in the master´s program Coastal and Marine Manegement.