Thursday 25. November 2010

Oceanography of Icelandic fjords

In the Lunch lecture Friday November 26 professor Steingrímur Jónsson will give a talk on the oceanography of Icelandic fjords. Steingrímur is now teaching a part of the course Physical Processes of Coastal and Marine Environments in the CMM masters program. The talk will be in English and takes place in the University Centre cafeteria. It begins at 12.10 and is open to all.

Apart from the south coast, the Icelandic coast is indented by bays and fjords of variable shapes and sizes. During the last and present century these areas have come under increased pressure from various human activities. This has led to a demand for better knowledge of the ecosystem in the fjords and during the last two decades oceanographic research has been carried out in some fjords in Iceland, often with the aim to estimate the possible impact of industry or fish farming on the fjord. A key factor in how well the areas can cope with the increased pressure and also their ability to sustain aquaculture is the circulation in the fjords. The research has highlighted some common aspects of the circulation in different fjords which will be the focus of the presentation.