Monday 5. December 2022

New receptionist

Ester Sturludóttir has been hired as one of two receptionists at the University Centre of the Westfjords.

Ester has worked in Ísafjörður for a while, at the Íslandsbanki branch and as a personal trainer at Stúdío Dan. She is currently studying Business at Bifröst University. 

The receptionists at UW serve the entire building, which hosts many offices, so their job is quite diverse. On top of that, they administrate specific areas such as The Immigration Development Fund.

The University Centre advertised the position after Þórdís Lilja Jensdóttir decided to call it a day after working with us for 11 years. 

UW would like to thank Þórdís for her brilliant work for both the University Centre and other institutes in Vestrahús. At the same time, we welcome Ester Sturludóttir to our members of staff.

Ester's employment commences on 1 January 2023.

Ester Sturludóttir
Ester Sturludóttir