Thursday 10. September 2020

Masters Students take part in MAKEathon

Matís Iceland’s leading research and development organization on food and biotechnology hosts a three day MAKEathon at four different locations in Iceland, one of which is Ísafjörður and Bolungarvík. The University Centre and Djúpið innovation centre in Bolungarvík are partnering with Matís in this project.

A MAKEathon is an innovation competition with a strong focus on making and creating something with your hands to respond to the challenge presented. During these MAKEathons, participants from diverse background will come together to find solution to the challenge: 

How can we add value to left-over raw material from the seafood industry in order to make this industry more sustainable?

Students from the University Centre are among participants in the competition and participation is integrated as a part of the Coastal Communities and Regional Development course Introduction to Regional Geography. Students from the Coastal and Marine Management program are also taking part along with alumni that are living in the Westfjords. Also participating are students from the master’s program Climate Change and Global Sustainability from the School for International Training, taught at the University Centre.

Participation in the MAKEathon is a great opportunity for our students who will in the future be dealing with regional development and marine resource management. An introduction to the methodology of MAKEathons is valuable for students and also the idea to make a job instead of taking one.

UW takes part in Matís MAKEathon.
UW takes part in Matís MAKEathon.