Tuesday 8. November 2011

Managing the second largest national park in Canada

Alex Stubbing graduated with an MRM degree in Coastal and Marine Management in 2011. Prior to completing his master's in Iceland, Alex worked for Quttinirpaaq National Park of Canada as a Patrol Officer in his home territory of Nunavut. Once his master's was completed, Alex continued his work with Parks Canada and became a Resource Management and Public Safety Officer, and he is now the Manager of Quttinirpaaq National Park. Alex attributes the appointment to his new position as a result of completing the CMM program.

Quttinirpaaq National Park is the 2nd largest park in Canada at 37,775 km2. It is the most northerly park in Canada, and is only 700 km from the North Pole. The park has an extensive coastline, part of which is frozen all year, the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf. The park also has Barbeau Peak, the highest point in North America east of the Rocky Mountains, as well as Lake Hazen, the largest freshwater lake in the world fully above the Arctic Circle. The park contains many archaeological and historical sites and features, from tools and tent rings of the early Inuit peoples to the camps left by explorers like Robert Peary. All of these attributes provide a remarkable place to work with natural scientists, archaeologists and other researchers. The employees of Quttinirpaaq are also responsible for the orientation and safety of tourists. Many types of tourists visit the park, such as hikers, ski mountaineers, North Pole explorers, and an annual ice breaking cruise ship.

For Questions about working in Nunavut or for Parks Canada, you can contact Alex at alex.stubbing [ at ] pc.gc.ca.

Quttinirpaaq National Park of Canada

Park manager Alex Stubbing in Quttinirpaaq National Park
Park manager Alex Stubbing in Quttinirpaaq National Park