Thursday 3. October 2013

Lunch Lecture: Understanding the Ocean

In this week Lunch Lecture, Friday 4th.,will our student at Coastal and Marine Management teach some oceangraphic topics.

For the last two weeks, students of the class CMM31 "Understanding the Ocean" have been doing experiments and working on projects connected to oceanography, dealing with diverse questions like "Can I create rip currents at Isafjordur beach?", "How do you create a freak wave in a bath tub?", "What happens to the water flowing out of the Mediterranean?", "Which melts faster - an ice cube in fresh water or one in ice water?" and many more.

All 14 students will present their chosen topics and demonstrations in 3-5 minutes each. You are welcome to join us in learning about a wide range of oceanographic topics in an entertaining way!

The Lunch Lecture starts at 12:10 at the University Centre cafeteria. The talk will be in English.