Wednesday 16. January 2013

Lunch Lecture: The experience of special education

In this week´s Lunch Lecture, January 18, Jóna Benediktsdóttir will talk about the main findings in her master thesis, titled ,,Lost case" - Special Education in Schools as Experieced by Five Young Men.

This was a qualitative study emphasizing the vision five individuals had about the topic, all who experienced special education in school. In the lecture Jóna will discuss the experience of being placed in a special class, evaluation of the effectiveness of this special education, the development of self in relation to special education, social relationships and norms of learning and behaviour.

Jóna Benediktsdóttir has over twenty years of work experience in schools in Ísafjörður and Súðavík. She completed her B.Ed degree in 1994 and an MA degree with an emphasis in special education from the University of Iceland in 2012.
Lunch Lecture is held in the University Centre cafeteria. It starts at 12:10 and is open for the public. The talk will be in Icelandic.

Jóna Benediktsdóttir
Jóna Benediktsdóttir