Thursday 9. September 2010

Lunch Lecture: The Greenland Centre

In the Lunch Lecture Friday September 10, Jónas Guðmundson will give a talk about plans of establishing a Greenland Centre in Bolungarvík.

Earlier this year an association was founded to pepper the establishment of the centre and Jónas was elected chairman of the board. The association has already put up facilities at Vitastígur 1 in Bolungarvík that were formally opened on Greenland's national day June 21. Proposals for exhibitions and the design of the centre are already underway.
In his talk Jónas will discuss his ideas about the centre, what needs to be done so it can open and ideas about its operations and future plans.

The talk will be in Icelandic and further information is available on our Icelandic site. The talk will begin at 12.10 in the University Centre cafeteria and is open to all.