Thursday 23. October 2014

Lunch Lecture: Religious violence

In this week‘s Lunch Lecture, October 24, Petra Hólmgrímsdóttir will talk about her findings in her BS thesis in Psychology. Petra conducted a study together with Sigríður Sigurðardóttir, where they looked at the mental state of former members of fundamentalist congregations.


The research was executed to find out whether religious abuse can be found within fundamentalist Christian groups in Iceland. Research has shown that psychological abuse does negatively affect a person´s value of life and increases the possibility of negative emotions (e.g. depression, anxiety) and PTSD.


Petra Hólmgrímsdóttir holds a B.Ed degree from the University of Akureyri and a BS degree in Psychology from the University of Iceland.


Lunch Lecture is open for the public, it starts at 12:10 in the University Centre cafeteria. The talk will be in Icelandic.