Thursday 18. March 2010

Lunch Lecture: Offshore Exploration for Oil and Gas

In the Lunch Lecture Friday March 19, Þórarinn Sveinn Arnarson will give a talk about techniques for offshore oil explorations and introduce an expedition that is being planned to the Dreki area north east of Iceland. The talk will be in English and begins at 12.10 in the cafeteria of the University Centre.

In the presentation a general description will be given of the main techniques used for offshore oil exploration. These are based on multiple approaches, which have very different costs involved, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the presentation, an introduction will be made of a survey that is planned for the Dreki area this year on the research vessel Árni Friðriksson of the Marine Research Institute. In this survey, cores will be collected of the surface sediments at selected locations in the area. The samples will be analyzed in a lab for possible indications of oil and gas seeps that may be migrating from geological strata deep below the sea floor. In addition, a part of the area will be mapped using the multibeam bathymetric and sub-bottom profiler systems installed on Árni Friðriksson. This is a cooperation project between Orkustofnun (the National Energy Authority), Marine Research Institute, Iceland GeoSurvey and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Þórarinn Sveinn Arnarson holds a PhD in oceanography from the University of Washington and works at the National Energy Authority of Iceland as a manager of hydrocarbon explorations.

The Dreki area. Picture from
The Dreki area. Picture from