Thursday 1. October 2009

Lunch Lecture Oct. 2: Arctic Fox

This week‘s Friday lunch lecture will be given by Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, Director of the Fox Research Institute.

The Arctic fox is a truly nordic mammal and the only indigenous mammal in Iceland. The fox arrived in Iceland with the withdrawal of the ice during the last stages of the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. The Icelandic fox has adapted well to the environment and is an essential part of Icelandic nature.

The lecture will cover the origin and migration of the fox, its different names and its special status in Iceland. Two different groups will be compared in respect to their choice of food and propagation. The various seasonal colourings will be presented, as well as some general information about the fox´s way of life.


The Fox Research Institue is located in Súðavík,


The lecture will be given in Icelandic and takes place in the University Centre at 12:10. It is open to the public.

Arctic fox. Photo:
Arctic fox. Photo: