Thursday 22. March 2012

Lunch Lecture: Do you know how sharks reproduce?

In this week´s Lunch Lecture, Marsh 23., Dr. Vince Gallucci will speek about coldwater sharks, their sex lives and how they are studied.

Acording to the Icelandic Web of Science is little known about the reproductive way of Greenland shark because it happens in great depth in the middle of winter. Females drop youngs who are at birth about 40 cm in length and there can be up to 10 offspring in one litter.

Dr. Vince Gallucci is a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is trained as both a statistican and a biologist and has been studying sharks in many parts of the world for well over a decade. He is at the University Centre teaching, working with students and with the Marine research Institute and studying the local Greenland shark.

The Lunch Lecture is held in the University Centre and is open for public. It starts at 12:10 and the talk will be in English.

Vincent Gallucci
Vincent Gallucci