Thursday 21. March 2013

Lunch Lecture: Creative writing

Rúnar Helgi Vignison, writer and an associate Professor at the University of Iceland will talk about creative writing, teaching creative writing and its utility in education and in life, in this week´s Lunch Lecture.

Rúnar Helgi asks whether it is possible to teach people to write and whether students get enough opportunities to use their native language in a creative way in our school system. He explains the philosophy behind the writing instruction and tries to explain how people reach good skills on writing.

Rúnar Helgi finished a BA degree in English from the University of Iceland in 1981 and a MA degree in Literature from the University of Iowa in 1987. He now supervises the writing program at the University of Iceland. He is the author of seven works of fiction and has translated sixteen books.

Lunch Lecture is open for the public, it starts at 12:10 and is held in the University Centre cafeteria. The talk will be in Icelandic.