Thursday 31. January 2013

Lunch Lecture: Avalanche Forecasts

The Icelandic Meteorological Office recently launched an avalanche forecast on their website with information about precipitation of snow in Iceland. This information can be useful for the public, both for recreational use and when it comes to other activity. Forecasts like this are widely used around the world in places where people need to take this force of nature into account.

In the Lunch Lecture on Friday February 1, Rúnar Karlsson, a geographer at the Avalanche Research Centre of IMO in Ísafjörður, will present how the forecast is done, its limitations and show a few examples of how such forecasts are used around the world.

The Lunch Lecture begins at 12.10 in the University Centre cafeteria and is open to the public. The talk will be in Icelandic and further information about it can be found on our Icelandic website.

A screenshot from the IMO avalanche map system.
A screenshot from the IMO avalanche map system.