Thursday 28. November 2013

Lunch Lecture

In this week Lunch Lecture, Friday 29th November, Nína Guðrún Geirsdóttir will talk about her Bachelor thesis in folkloristics she which she wrote this spring, about the music festival „Aldrei fór ég suður“.

In the thesis Nína Guðrún interviewed five persons who are all involved in the festival and she discussed Isafjordur during Easter time, when the annual ‘Skíðavika’ festival takes place. She used the concept of community and community awareness when looking at the atmosphere that has developed during Easter in Isafjordur for decades. She also studied the volunteer work that takes place at the festival.

Nina Guðrún Geirsdóttir holds a BA degree in folkloristics from the University of Iceland.

The Lunch Lecture is held at the University Centre cafeteria. It starts at 12:10 and is open for the public.

Due to the upcoming exam period at the University Centre this will be the last Lunch Lecture this year.