Friday 28. October 2011

Joshua Mackintosh: Doing a Coastline Management Plan for the Inuvilauit Settlement Region

We continue to keep track of our alumni. Next in line is Joshua Mackintosh, who graduated with an MRM degree in Coastal and Marine Management in 2011. Joshua did his thesis at the CMM program on public coastal access in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Prior to his studies at the CMM program, Joshua Mackintosh obtained a BCD degree in Environmental Planning (Honours) and Community Design at Dalhousie University, Canada and a BA in Political Science at Acadia University, Canada.

Josh began his post graduation job with the Inuvilauit Land Administration in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada in May of this year. His position with them is Land Use Research Coordinator. In his job he researches and develops policy papers as well as organizes public meetings and presentations to various committees and boards. In his first month of employment Josh was chosen to go to a Petroleum Trade Show to represent the Land Administration and to liaise with both business and environmental proponents. Josh was also designated lead on several projects in his first weeks of employment including; a Community Planning Initiative, a Heritage Site Registration program, a Research Strategy for the Land Administration, as well as, of particular interest to him, a Coastline Management Plan for all 91,000km2 of the Inuvilauit Settlement Region.

Josh states that, "The job is great and the people that I work with are great too. The office is full of people around my age so we spend a lot of time in the non-working day fishing, boating, hiking, and having cooking challenges."

For questions or comments about work options in Canada‘s North, contact Josh via JMackintosh [ at ]

Joshua Mackintosh
Joshua Mackintosh