Thursday 19. November 2009

Innovation in the Westfjords

The Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 16 to 22, is being held in more than 100 countries, among them Iceland. On this occasion the Lunch lecture, Friday November 20, will be devoted to entrepreneurship in the Westfjords. The goal of the Global Entrepreneurship Week is to bring to people's attention the importantance of entrepreneurship for all communities.

In cooperation with Impra, the Icelandic Innovation Centre, two innovation companies in the Westfjords will present their activities. Dóra Hlín Gísladóttir a specialist at Kerecis and Þorleifur Ágústsson manager of Murr in Súðavík, will talk about their companies. They will emphasize the process of innovation - from the first idea to a fully functioning company.


The Lunch lecture will start at 12.10 in the cafeteria of the University Centre.

The talk will be in Icelandic and further information can be found on our Icelandic page.