Friday 31. May 2013

Icelandic in One Week a Success

Last week a one week course in Icelandic was held for the first time during spring at the University Centre. One Week courses have, up until now, been held during August and January. Hopefully this new timing will be an annual event in the University Centre schedule.

Six students attended the course, coming from different countries, from Germany, England, Lithuania and Japan. Ólöf Bergmannsdóttir was the primary teacher on the course and was in charge of morning classes which are traditional classes where students learn the basics of the Icelandic language. During the afternoons Ólöf amongst other teachers gave classes on different topics that are designed to give students the chance to use the language skills they learn in "real life situations" and get a glimpse into Icelandic culture. Amongst these classes was a shopping rally course where students solve different tasks in shops in Ísafjörður, a course on reading Icelandic aloud offered by actress Halldóra Björnsdóttir and a course on first aid offered by Red Cross project manager Bryndís Friðgeirsdóttir.

In August a few more Icelandic Courses will be offered. Like the past few years the University Centre welcomes a large group of Erasmus and Nordplus students that will attend a three-week course in Icelandic at Núpur in Dýrafjörður. This year we also offer a simulations three-week course at Ísafjörður, a two week advanced class, a one week class and a class on Gísla Saga and Classical Icelandic. All further information about the Icelandic Courses can be found on their webpage.