Friday 15. August 2014

Icelandic Courses Ongoing

The annual Icelandic Courses for foreigners are now underway at the University Centre. As usually the courses began on the first Monday of August and will continue until August 22. This time around close to 100 students attend seven different courses during the thee week period they are offered.

As the past seven years two thee-week beginners courses are offered both at Núpur in Dýrafjörður and in Ísafjörður. Students at Núpur are mostly foreign exchange students that will study at Icelandic universities in the coming academic year. In addition to this course a two week Intermediate course is offered in Ísafjörður and a one week Crash course as well. This year three new one week advanced classes were offered. Two of these were taught in the village of Suðureyri while the third one will be taught in Ísafjörður. The first Suðureyri course was taught in connection with the Act Alone theater festival which was fitting since it’s focus was on oral expression.

Over all there are a bit fewer students on the courses this year than last year when we saw the highest number of students ever on the courses. The reduced number of students can mostly be explained by the fact that the new Erasmus program, Erasmus+ 201-2020, dose not fund Erasmus Intensive Language courses as the previous program. This means that exchange students need to pay the course fee themselves which in understandably has an effect on the number of students able to attend the course.

Those interested in following what is going on on the Icelandic Courses can follow the courses on their Facebook page.