Wednesday 22. December 2010

Holiday Greetings

These days the last exams of the semester are underway for the distance learning students. Most of our master's students have left for the holidays and the fourth candle of the Advent wreath made by the receptionist Lína has been lit.

The Icelandic Parliament agreed on the national budged last week. The cut backs for the University Centre have been reduced considerably, from 30%, to 16% and finally 5,6%. The staff and students of the University Centre are relieved that the cut backs are similar to what other Icelandic institutions at the university level need to deal with. Never the less this means that coasts need to be cut by 5-6 million ISK, which will be difficult. Although 2011 will be a challenging year many exiting tasks lay ahead that gives us reason to be optimistic for the long term future of the University Centre.

Staff members of the University Centre wish all students, teachers, ex colleges and students, as well as all its supporters a joyful holiday and a happy new year.

Ísafjörður. Photo: Ágúst Atlason.
Ísafjörður. Photo: Ágúst Atlason.