Friday 17. February 2012

Get through the Thesis – First support seminar

Studies at a university level normally consist of course work and thesis work. Most students get easily through the coursework, but when it comes to writing the thesis, often comes a spanner in the works. Most of us have experienced that, but it must be more perceivable when being far from the supervisor and fellow students, as for example in a distance learning programme.

This is why the University Centre wants to stimulate those students who "only" have their thesis left and invites for a kind of support group under the name seminar. The seminar will be held in Icelandic, inspite of the latin name.

The first support seminarium will take place on Wednesday, 22.02.2012, 16:30 at the University Centre. The next dates wil be decided on the meeting. Those who would like to join and can not make it to the first meeting should contact Peter Weiss at the University Centre.  Language: Icelandic.