Wednesday 25. February 2015

Gender Quota in Limited Liability Companies

This Friday’s (27.02.2015) Vísindaport open lecture will be given by guest speaker Þórdís Sif Sigurðardóttir, head of the Ísafjarðarbær municipality administration and finance department.

Þórdís wrote her law thesis on Iceland’s gender quota in limited companies, asking how it would work out, why it was introduced, and what needed to happen for it to be respected. In her Vísindaport lecture, Þórdís will discuss why the gender quota was put in place on the boards of limited companies and whether there is any difference in the management style of the sexes. She will discuss whether an equal gender balance on boards affects the way companies are run and what it is which defines the genders’ management styles. Whether mixed workgroups work better together than homogenous ones, whether they return better results, and whether companies directed jointly by women and men generate more profit than others, are all questions this lecture will search for answers to.

The Lunch Lecture will be in Icelandic, it begins at 12.10 in the University Centre cafeteria. The lecture is open to all.