Friday 2. September 2022

Fun and Academics

This week has been a bit unconventional at UW. The new students have been settling in and the second year students working on their theses and some even preparing for their Master's Defences. 

Yesterday and today, new students are away on a field trip, which has been lots of fun in excellent weather so far, as can be seen on UW's Instagram story: @uwiceland. There has even been some sea swimming, believe it or not!

Meanwhile, Master's Defences are in full swing at the University Centre. We had two yesterday, one scheduled for today and the rest taking place this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Information about past and upcoming Defences can be found here to the right, under Upcoming, they are open to the public and streamed on Zoom.

Many interesting subjects are being presented, such as the relationship between gender, natural resources, and maritime tourism, the effect of unconditional basic income could have on innovation in Iceland and research into one of Iceland´s newest marine "immigrants", the Sprat. 

So, studying at the University Centre isn't just all work and no play, we absolutely make the most of the spectacular environment here in the Westfjords!

Swimming in the sea - Photo by Matthias Kokorsch
Swimming in the sea - Photo by Matthias Kokorsch
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