Wednesday 22. October 2014

Franklin University field school visit

This week the University Centre is happy to welcome a field school group from Franklin University Switzerland. Franklin is an American liberal arts institution and is located in Lugano.

These 23 undergraduate students are enrolled in 'Understanding Env Issues: Iceland', a case study based course where several case studies at the local, regional, and global levels are used to explore the interdisciplinary nature of today’s environmental issues. During their four-day long stay nin Ísafjörður, besides lectures the students get introduced to the activities of the Westfjord energy company and how the local community deals with various environmental issues. There are excursions on the schedule as students visit a local farm to learn about small-scale hydropower, do a „food-trail“ and visit a fish industry. The group will get introduced to the local culture by visits to heritage museums, a play based on the Saga of Gísli the Outlaw and a presentation of Norse paganism.

The group‘s AD is Prof. Brack Hale who is not a first-time visitor in Ísafjörður. Prof. Hale is besides teaching environmental sciences an enthousiastic linguist. He has participated in courses in Icelandic organized by the Centre and now speaks Icelandic very well!

We are very happy to accommodate Prof. Hale and his group hoping that their stay will prove rewarding.