Thursday 26. October 2017

Franklin University Travel Study Program Visit

Yesterday the University Centre welcomed a travel study group from Franklin University Switzerland. This is the fourth year in a row that a student group from Franklin University visits the NW Westfjords. The Iceland tour is a 12-day field experience which allows students to examine first-hand the problems and potentials generated by the country's rapid increase in tourism.

The course, Tourism and the Environment: Iceland, focuses on issues such as air pollution, biodiversity and climate change, but also considers potential positive impacts from tourism, e.g. how tourism can contribute to improved management of environmental resources. Students will meet with stakeholders in the Icelandic tourism industry as well as with authorities to discuss local and national responses to the increased levels of tourism. Franklin University located in Lugano in Switzerland, is an international institution where you will find students from over 50 countries. The 23 participants in this year‘s Iceland group are nationals of  the US, Saudi Arabia, Italy, El Salvador, Jordan and Switzerland.

Programme Director is like previous years Dr. Brack Hale, who has been visiting the Westfjords on a regular basis for the past few years. Last spring dr. Hale was a welcomed addition to our community as he spent his sabbatical leave here carrying out research on the possible impact of field travel programs on popular Westfjords destinations. Besides working on his research dr. Hale also took active part in the local community of Ísafjörður. Previously dr. Hale has participated in several courses in Icelandic language here at the University Centre.

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Hale once again with his new group, hoping that their stay will be both enjoyable and fruitful.

Happy group of students from Franklin University at arrival in the University Centre.
Happy group of students from Franklin University at arrival in the University Centre.
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