Tuesday 25. October 2016

Franklin University Field School Visit

Today the University Centre welcomes a field school group from Franklin University Switzerland, an American liberal arts institution located in Lugano.

This is the third group from Franklin University to visit the NW Westfjords and these undergraduate students dwell in Iceland to participate in a field course, 'Understanding Environmental Issues: Iceland'. This course uses several case studies to explore the interdisciplinary nature of today’s environmental issues. During a four-day long stay in Ísafjörður, the students will get introduced to the activities of the Westfjord energy company, they will learn about how environmental issues and sustainability are handled on a municipal level, as well as by local companies and aspects of the local tourism industry will also be introduced.  In addition the program offers insights into local culture and history; the students will e.g. get a presentation of Norse paganism and enjoy a play based on the Saga of Grettir.

The group‘s Programme Director is Professor Brack Hale has previously visited Ísafjörður several times. Besides teaching environmental sciences Prof. Hale is an enthusiastic linguist and has participated in courses in Icelandic language here at the University Centre.

We are happy to welcome Professor Hale and his new group hoping that they will enjoy their stay.

The students with Brack Hale on their first day at the University Centre.
The students with Brack Hale on their first day at the University Centre.