Tuesday 18. August 2009

Final elective courses 2008-2009

The final elective courses for the masters study in Coastal and Marine Management are underway. Upon their completion the students from the first year of the program will be spreading out across the globe to work on their theses. Our students will be in exciting places pursuing their research interests - Iceland, England, Canada and South Africa.

Energy and Materials Management is taught by Dr. John Nyboer, a University Research Associate at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, who acts as the Executive Director of the Energy and Materials Research Group (EMRG) in REM. This course takes an interdisciplinary approach at understanding how humans affect global flows of energy and materials, the ways in which such flows are currently and prospectively a challenge for sustaining the Earth's life-support capability and social cohesion, thermodynamic, technological, geological and biological options for changing the character of these flows toward greater sustainability, potential implications of these options from an ecological, economic and social perspective, and institutional and policy mechanisms (local, regional, national and global) for fostering these options.