Wednesday 1. April 2015

Field Course in the Paradise of Kelp

Although company visits are important for the course participants do not only visit companies to get insights. A great deal of the course is concentrated to writing a realistic business plan for an innovative project. Amongst projects that participants deal with are founding a restaurant specializing in products made from kelp, production of bread spread with the name Algitella. Also amongst the projects is a business plan for a spa that combines the wild and the relaxed, snorkeling in the kelp-forests in the Arctic Ocean and then jumping into geothermal hot pots. Outsourcing part of an existing company production selling kelp and seaweed products to Reykhólar might be the most realistic project while the development of non-poisonous print cartridges might be the most farfetched idea.

There are two teachers supervising this course, Dr. Peter Krost, who has taught several aquaculture courses at UW and runs his own company growing kelp in the Baltic Sea, and María Maack, a biologist who lives in Reykhólar that has extensive experience of working in an innovation-related company.

The course received grants by the regional development plan Sóknaráætlun Landshluta.