Wednesday 19. April 2023

Exciting addition expected next year

One of the results from UW participating in NOCCA is a new, exciting workshop on rising sea level which will likely be offered next year. This week, our academic directors attended the 6th NOCCA conference (Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation) in Reykjavík.
Matthias Kokorsch and our guest lecturer Jóhanna Gísladóttir, from the Agricultural University of Iceland, jointly presented the CliCNord project and the case studies in Flateyri and Patreksfjörður.
Their presentation matched the overall theme, which was on adaptation in municipalities in the Nordic countries, looking into actions that have been implemented and key learnings in the adaptation process. The presentation received good feedback and was followed by several good discussions with local and international agencies and researchers.

On the second day of the conference, Jóhanna - who teaches our Public Policy course - Matthias and Brack Hale participated in four workshops on Nature Based Solutions and Rising Sea Level. In the latter workshop, Ísafjörður was used as case study location and participants discussed future scenarios and the challenges related to sea-level rise. This workshop was so exciting that our directors invited the organizers for a guest lecture next year and expect to have this workshop as course component.

The remaining workshops focused on Transboundary impacts and Master planning with adaptation integration for cities and municipalities.

Brack Hale, Jóhanna Gísladóttir and Matthias Kokorsch
Brack Hale, Jóhanna Gísladóttir and Matthias Kokorsch
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